Grant Riley is a freelance ecologist, writer, photographer and holistic scientist. Grant has worked and studied in the fields of ecology, countryside and woodland management in the UK for many years. Having grown up in the wilds of Dartmoor, a legacy of passion for natural history has pursued Grant throughout his life. As a young man he took to living high up in the trees in environmental protests during the anti-road building movement of the 1990s. He has also learnt many of his skills from traveling and living outdoors across Europe, from living in horse-drawn wagons, to boats, trucks and buses. Globally, Grant has lived and worked with a variety of communities from around the world, learning many of the traditional land management techniques but also the spiritual, medicinal and holistic approaches to life from these regions.

Having recently completed a Masters degree examining nature deficit disorder and the current relationship we have with our environment; this following a bachelors degree in Ecology, Grant is keen to engage with all walks of life and share his passion for nature.

A Journal from the End of Times is written by Grant as a travelogue and discourse in accompaniment to Mellisa Gunesa’s 2012 Documentary Film ‘The Mayan Word; 2012’.

A Journal fro the End of Times is now available:

All Text & Photos: ©Grant Riley 2010-2014



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A Journal from the End of Times

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